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Home Community Events Avail the Professional Solutions for Cephalometric Analyses from CephX
Avail the Professional Solutions for Cephalometric Analyses from CephX
Aug 01

Avail the Professional Solutions for Cephalometric...

trends in dentistry


trends in dentistry

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United States
  • CephX is a trusted platform from where dentists, orthodontics and other health care professionals get top notch solutions for image archiving, cephalometric analyses and patient’s record management. With the help of their cloud system, they allow dentists, orthodontics and other health care professional to achieve accurate and précised results. This is one of the newest trends in dentistry that helps medical professionals to give attention to minute patient analyses details and provide comprehensive care to them instead of wasting time and resources on performing tests and cephalometric analyses.

    Why should you opt for CephX?

    • Quality Analysis: The team of CephX is dedicated to offer you an exceptional solution for accurate cephalometric analysis, thus you can capture, store and present systematic images and make plan for the treatment accordingly.

    • Trusted By Proficient Practitioners: has earned a great reputation as a leading provider for ceph analysis. Trusted by around thousands of health practitioners belongs to teledentistry and has analyzed more than 275,000 cephs.

    • Online Software: As CephX is known to offering online software, thus you don’t need to have physical installation, upgrades and maintenance for the same. Accessing this amazing services aid you save both time and money.

    • Generic to Custom Analyses: Whether you are in a need of Generic analyses or Custom analyses, their services can fulfill all your needs in terms of accuracy and measurement. They offer range of generic analysis which includes Steiner, Rickets and Jefferson.

    Cephalometric analysis has been proven as a cost effective procedure to diagnose the intellectual disability and syndrome related to facial features. This allows practitioners to get early recognition of the issue and perform dental evaluation and treatment.

    Whether it comes to abnormities with the skull structure or any predicting changes, Ceplalometric analysis solutions of CephX is significant to attain better results. This is extremely safe that keeps the patient’s record secured from any authorized access. You just have to create your record over the cloud system and then you can access the entire records online within few seconds.

    They offer flexibility to their valuable clients to access patient's records at anywhere or anytime even with their mobile devices. You can benefit with Algoceph, Photo Archive, custom analyses and profile images at competitive pricing. If you want to bring advances in dentistry field, then you should access Cephalometric analysis offered by CephX.

    To know more, you can visit

    Contact Info: 1-800-992-1499

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    Aug 01 2017 at 12:00 AM - Aug 01 2017 at 12:15 AM
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    Francisco Troutt
Home Community Events Avail the Professional Solutions for Cephalometric Analyses from CephX