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Home Community Groups Get Superb 3D Body Manufacturing From [TC]2 for Successful Business
Get Superb 3D Body Manufacturing From [TC]2 for Successful Business

Get Superb 3D Body Manufacturing From [TC]2 for Successful...

3D Body Scan


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  • E-commerce shopping websites are the new electronic trend and gaining immense popularity worldwide. But a major problem that they face is the sizing and fitting issue. The human measurement, and body classification on the basis of shapes and sizes is what determines the correct fitting and sizing of apparel. And [TC]2 is the company that provides that technology which can implement those shapes and sizes in a 3D format so as to benefit the businesses and eliminate the sizing issues. Because be it offline or online shopping, fitting and sizing issues are always prevalent and are the key reasons for the initiation of refunds and returns.

    The 3D Body Scan technology from [TC]2 is probably the best invention of technology that anyone has ever seen. They have opened up the 3D body imaging industry and the leading 3D body manufactures with a highly reputed clientele in the medical, fashion and fitness industries. With the collection of highly sophisticated automated technologies and software, they can enable a variety of things like body scanning, body measurements, body visualization and 3D body analysis.

    Their flagship TC2-19R Mobile Scanner is the largest and best in class 3D body scanner that can conduct scans in 30 seconds, are easy to setup, can take thousands of various measurements and with a self scan mode. This scanner has is known for its best-in-class accuracy and is the only scanner that supports arm scans.

    They make use of the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) software so that they can understand and make changes in the design and perform drafting and pattern grading, so that they can develop provide the best technologies and better their efforts each time. The specific service by them includes automatic pattern creation for the MTM/bespoke market and follow-ups for shape analysis products in the weight-loss and fitness training markets. The top leading universities and educational institutes make use of [TC]2 products for research processes.

    The data analysis and body measurements provided by them can be accessed by any types of websites. Additionally, [TC]2 software can run on a variety of software like .Net, C#, Java, Android or Apple operating systems. With around 6 live applications on their website, Google and Apple live systems, [TC]2 software and technology are highly advanced and easy accessible.

    Therefore, trusting [TC]2 can be the best decision to fight the body size and measurement issues and have a successful business and superb consultations and styling advice.

    For more information, please visit

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    Tuesday, 03 October 2017
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    Samuel Greg
Home Community Groups Get Superb 3D Body Manufacturing From [TC]2 for Successful Business