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Home Community Groups Increase Sales in Fashion Market With 3D Body Scanners Of [TC]²
Increase Sales in Fashion Market With 3D Body Scanners Of [TC]²

Increase Sales in Fashion Market With 3D Body Scanners Of...

3D Body Measurement


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  • Gone are the days when 3D body scanner and measurement devices are utilized only in mechanical and automobile industries.  But nowadays, these techniques are widely accepted in fashion and apparel industries to get 3D Body Measurement by capturing images of human bodies. The emerging advantages and applications of these techniques in fashion industry are increased sales, exact fit apparels, and time efficiency and so on. There are only few companies which provide premier quality 3D measurement and scanning devices, but TC]²  is the best among all.

    TC]²  has earned a big name in the  fashion and apparel industry by developing sort of devices  and equipment based on 3D body measurement and scanning technique. Their range of products includes mobile scanner, full color 3D Body Scan, and image twin mirror and so on. All their products are well equipped with unique specifications and mechanisms that fulfill all your demands in terms of accurate 3D body measurement.

    Based on pattern making/ grading system, crotch pint detection, infrared depth sensors, high CPU configuration and CAD fit avatars, their products can give high accuracy and resolution scan in just 1 second. Installing these products offered by TC]²  at fashion retail shop can be very beneficial for both retailers and customers. While talking in the context of customer, they can save huge time in finding a perfect fit dress and get benefit with personalization, size matching, virtual fitting and perfect style. Furthermore, these can help avoid the issue of dead stock and low sales.

    Apart from fashion and apparel industry, their products can also be utilized in medical, fitness, 3D printing and research field. Hence, their products are perfect for body shape analysis, 3D printing, sizing surveys and many other applications.

    Hence, if you are looking for the best source to find 3D body scan and measurement devices, then TC]²   can be the go through destination for you. Their mission is to deliver you an ultimate 3D bod scanning experience that surpasses all your expectations. If you want to know more about their 3D body measuring technology, then you can contact their professionals without any hesitation. They can assist you in the friendliest and professional way possible.

    To know more, you can visit

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    Wednesday, 04 October 2017
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    Samuel Greg
Home Community Groups Increase Sales in Fashion Market With 3D Body Scanners Of [TC]²